Have you been concerned about the cleaning and disinfection of the wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are essential medical equipment for patients in medical institutions. If not properly handled, they can spread bacteria and viruses. The best way to clean and sterilize wheelchairs is not provided in the existing specifications. Because the structure and function of wheelchairs are complex and diverse, they are made of different materials (e.g., metal frames, cushions, circuits), some of which are the patient's personal belongings and the patient's personal use. Some are hospital items, one or several shared by different patients. People who use wheelchairs for long periods of time may have physical disabilities or chronic illnesses, which increases the risk of drug-resistant bacteria spreading and nosocomial infections.


Canadian researchers conducted a qualitative study to examine the current status of wheelchair cleaning and disinfection in 48 Canadian health care facilities.
The way the wheelchair is disinfected
1.85% of medical facilities have wheelchairs cleaned and disinfected by themselves.
2.15% of the wheelchairs in medical institutions are regularly entrusted to external companies for deep cleaning and disinfection.

The way to clean
Common chlorine-containing disinfectants were used in 1.52% of medical institutions.
2.23% of medical institutions use manual cleaning and mechanical disinfection, which uses a mixture of hot water, detergent and chemical disinfectants.
3.13 per cent of healthcare facilities used spray to disinfect wheelchairs.
4.12 per cent of medical institutions did not know how to clean and disinfect wheelchairs.

The results of the survey of medical institutions in Canada is not optimistic, in the investigation of the existing data on cleaning and disinfection of wheelchair is limited, because each medical institutions to use a wheelchair, this study did not give a concrete method of cleaning and disinfection, but in view of the above findings, the researchers according to some problems found in the survey, summed up several Suggestions and implementation methods:
1. The wheelchair must be cleaned and disinfected if there is blood or obvious contaminants after use
Implementation: Both cleaning and disinfection procedures must be carried out, disinfectants certified by medical institutions must be used at specified concentrations, disinfectants and disinfection facilities should follow the manufacturer's recommendations, seat cushions and handrails should be monitored regularly, and surfaces should be replaced in time if damaged.
2. Medical facilities must have rules and regulations for wheelchair cleaning and disinfection
Implementation: Who is responsible for cleaning and disinfection? How often is that? In what way?
3. The feasibility of cleaning and disinfecting wheelchairs should be considered before purchase
Implementation: You should consult the hospital infection management department and wheelchair use department before purchasing, and consult the manufacturer for specific implementation methods of cleaning and disinfection.
4. Training on wheelchair cleaning and disinfection should be carried out among employees
Implementation Plan: The person in charge must know the way and method of maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of the wheelchair, and timely train the personnel when changing to make them clear their responsibilities.
5. Medical institutions should have a mechanism to track the use of wheelchairs

Implementation plan, with obvious mark should distinguish between clean and pollution of the wheelchair, the special patients (such as infectious diseases spread by contact with patients, patients with multi-resistant bacteria) should be fixed to use a wheelchair and other patients before use should ensure that have completed the process of cleaning and disinfection, terminal disinfection should be used when the patient discharged from hospital.
The above suggestions and implementation methods are not only applicable to the cleaning and disinfection of wheelchairs, but also can be applied to more medical related products in medical institutions, such as the wall cylinder automatic blood pressure meter commonly used in the outpatient department. Cleaning and disinfection management can be carried out according to the suggestions and implementation methods.

Post time: Sep-24-2022