JMC5A Ni- The Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5-Liter Medical Oxygen Concentrator By Jumao

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Oxygen Machine That Keeps Working Without Stopping 

It delivers medical grade oxygen 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year to people who need continuous flow oxygen

A Market-Tested O2 Concentrator

This portable oxygen machine has been launched for 10 years, after continuous improvement, has become the most classic model on the market

Designated By Many Governments

Excellent performance, high concentration of oxygen, stable flow, excellent market reputation, high cost performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, are best choice.

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JMC5A Ni CE ,compact stationary portable oxygen generator is the most popular and classic 5 LPM O2 concentrator  available on the market. the super good user reputation, simple user interface, and 4 universal 360°wheels ,top handle, front humidifier bottle,timing function,reset fuse ,intelligent alarm are perfect for care facilities and professional settings as well. As a professional oxygen machine factory ,JUMAO really do a good job ! It enjoyed a very high reputation in the India market

Model JMC5A Ni   (CE)
Display Usage Real-Time Monitoring Display
Compressor Oil-Free
Average Power Consumption 390 Watts
Input Voltage/Frequency V220 AC ± 10% ,50hz
Ac Power Cord Length(Approx) 8 Feet ( 2.5m )
Sound level ≤41 dB(A)
Outlet Pressure 5.5 PSI (38kPa)
Liter Flow 0.5 To 5 Liters Per Minute
Oxygen Concentration (at 5 lpm) 93%±3% At 5L/Min.
OPI (Oxygen Percentage indicator) Alarm L Low Oxygen 82% (Yellow),Very Low Oxygen 73%(Red)
Operating Altitude 0 To 6,000 (0 To 1,828 m)
Operating Humidity Up To 95% Relative Humidity
Operating Temperature 41 Degree Fahrenheit To 104 Degree Fahrenheit (5 Degree Celsius To 40 Degree Celsius)
Required Maintenance(Filters) Machine Inlet Window Filter Clean Every 2 Weeks
Compressor Intake Filter Change Every  6 Months
Dimensions(Machine) 13*10.2*21.2inch  (33*26*54cm)
Dimensions(Carton) 16.5*13.8*25.6 inch  (42*35*65cm)
Weight (Approx) N.W: 35lbs (16kg)   G.W: 40lbs (18.5kg)
Alarms System Malfunction, No Power, Impeded OxygenFlow, Overload ,Overheat, Abnormal Oxygen Concentration
Warranty 3 Years or 10,000Hours- Review Manufacturer's Documentation For Full Warranty Details.


Integrated Control Panel:Simple And Intuitive Operation For All Users
All functions of the machine can be realized by operating the control panel in the front end of the machine. A rotating Flow Meter Knob for quick adjustments between 0.5 - 5.0 LPM (Liters Per Minute) of oxygen flow. Three indicator lights (green, yellow, red) and audible alarms help you to be secure in the knowledge that your concentrator is working properly at all times. In addition the control panel includes a circuit breaker for safety, and an elapsed time meter so you’ll always know how many hours the concentrator has been used. Atomization outlet for extra effective treatment requirement .

Patent Protection:Double Valve Control
6 certified patented technologies, authoritative and reliable. PE valve and Balance control valve works together to ensure the oxygen purity is up to 96% and oxygen flow output without any fluctuation is as smooth as a mirror.

Stable and No-stop Oxygen Supply
Strong heart power - compressor, unique cooling air duct design, the use of external heating and condensation technology, can ensure that the machine 24 hours non-stop operation. No need to worry about the oxygen treatment being interrupted.

Includes Sensor O₂Monitor For Added Security
JUMAO Oxygen Concentrator comes complete with Sensor O₂ Monitoring built in. Sensor O₂ continuously monitors the purity of oxygen generated by the concentrator. If purity falls below acceptable preset levels, indicator lights on the control panel will illuminate to alert the user.

Easy Access To Humidifier Bottle And Filter
Just place the bottle in the elastic band at the front of the machine.
The only maintenance necessary is changing out the filter on the side of the unit every 2 weeks


1.Are You The Manufacturer ? Can You Export It Directly ?
Yes ,we are manufacturer with around 70,000 ㎡ production site.
We have been exported the goods to oversea markets since 2002. we can provide most documentation including ISO9001, ISO13485, FCS, CE, FDA, Certificates of Analysis / Conformance; Insurance; Origin, and other export documents where required.

2.How do I clean my oxygen concentrator?
Unplug your oxygen concentrator.
Wipe down the outside with a soft cloth moistened with mild soap and warm water. Allow to air dry, or dry with a lint-free cloth.
Clean the outside filter by removing it and soaking it in warm water mixed with mild soap. Rinse to remove excess soap .DRY it and the replace it .
Clean your nasal cannula by soaking in a solution of warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.

3.Can portable oxygen concentrators be used with CPAP or BiPAP devices?
Yes! Continuous flow oxygen concentrators are absolutely safe to be used with most sleep apnea devices. But, if you're worried about a specific model of concentrator or CPAP/BiPAP device, contact the manufacturer or discuss your options with your doctor.

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